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Smell like a Tantric witch whilst having shinier, softer hair + skin.

Alchemical perfumes & oils inspired by the sensual

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"Dark, sweet, and musky, it brings out the decadant creature goddess I know within myself. It is an indulgent reminder of the pleasures of the senses and the joys of coming home to the body."

Mars R.

Alchemical Perfumery Gets Deep Into the Subconscious

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Sensual Oils

All our blends are rooted in my work as a Sensual Masseuse and Tantric Witch.

TANTRIKA is our luxurious Erotic Anointing Oil based on an ancient
alchemical perfume.

It is libido-enhancing and stress-relieving inviting in eros...

She can also be used as an
offering to your spiritual nature and any deity work.

“I have met a shape-shifting essence named Tantrika and was
surprised how in the same bottle I could feel inspired within me both
sexy goddess prepared for evening ritual and also the sweet and soft
fairy filled with the lightness of wonder.”

Gabie R.


Read more about how we got here including our creator Violet's experiences as the owner of a sensual business.

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“Wearing this amazing alchemical perfume for the first time today
and it is amazing. I’m glad it can also be used as haircare and
skincare because I can’t get enough of it! It’s magical.”

Cindie C.

Beyond Sustainability to Regeneration.

Our product boxes and cards are made with 100% plantable paper. This way you can enjoy the flowers in more way than one.

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