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Botanical perfumes & oils inspired by the sensual

From my years working as a Tantrika, comes the inspired line of botanical oils and perfumes so that you can experience it for yourself.

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I knew this would be a treat but, had no idea how much power it would punch. It feels like satin and helped me feel fully into my body. A scent that for me invoked visions of sitting with Jasmine flowers!

Susie J.

TANTRIK is glorious. I used this sensuous oil on my hair and skin and I immediately felt wrapped in Eros. This stuff is super sexy and it works. My hair looks lustrous and shiny and my skin is so incredibly soft. Did I mention that I smell phenomenal? Feeling like a smoldering goddess.

Janell B.

Dark, sweet, and musky, it brings out the decadant creature goddess I know within myself. It is an indulgent reminder of the pleasures of the senses and the joys of coming home to the body.

Mars R

I got this oh so smooth Tantrik anointing oil from Venus in Violet recently- isn’t the bottle lovely? I was afraid the high floral would ruin it for me but it’s well layered and pleasantly subtle with some surprising notes when mingling with my usual smells. So so lovely.

Angie C.

Wearing this amazing alchemical perfume for the first time today and it is amazing. I’m glad it can also be used as haircare and skincare because I can’t get enough of it! It’s magical. 

Cindie C.

For all my plans for self care, sometimes the thing that helps me feel truly embodied is a complete surprise.

This beautifully spicy and woodsy floral perfume oil is a luxurious treat and when applied to my hair helps me feel both grounded and invigorated.

Inger B.

The scent is deeply sensual and intriguing as hell (seriously, I keep trying to pinpoint which notes are capturing my attention, but that seems to morph from moment to moment). There’s earthiness and muskiness, floral and woodsy notes intermingling with some sort of spicy intrigue that is soooo intoxicating 🤩

But beyond the pleasurable aspects, this oil serves an invaluable skincare need! I’ve been using this primarily as a facial oil for a little over a week now and my skin is drinking it up. My face feels soft and deeply hydrated. I love that the blend feels rich, yet it absorbs so easily without leaving a greasy residue behind.

Julia A.

I have met a shape-shifting essence named Tantrik and was surprised how in the same bottle I could feel inspired within me both sexy goddess prepared for evening ritual and also the sweet and soft fairy filled with the lightness of wonder. The moment I put a few drops in my hand upon getting it from the mail, it was love at first sniff, and a second bottle’s worth of commitment at first inhale.

Thanks, @venus.oils for creating such a perfect blend, that individual notes weave so well together. It offers a sensory experience that feels so whole...all that I am is satisfied in one place.

Gabie R.

I have loved using tantrik oil by @venus.oils 
It has become my daily scent. Wearing tantrik makes me feel like a goddess. 🌹
Go Ahead! Get some and praise yourself. You are worthy! 

Jennifer P.

Beyond Sustainability to Regeneration.

Our product boxes and cards are made with 100% plantable paper. This way you can enjoy the flowers in more way than one.

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Anoint Yourself.

All-natural anointing oil that acts as a magical perfume and a body oil.