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Some Stories

I have so many stories.

The journey here had lots of non-linear twists and turns through permaculture, herbalism and natural skin care, Tantra, sensual masseuse, alchemy and magic, and into botanical perfumery.

As well as getting very lost multiple times along the way!

And then coming back again...

So here we are now.

Our products are as much matter as spirit and the pure transmission is critical.

Scent communicates directly with the amygdala and the thalamus through the complex olfactory epithelium at the back of the nose.

This means scent can directly influence the brain chemistry without being filtered through the more conscious, inhibitory parts that other sensory systems use.

That is huge in neural reprogramming!

I love that we can use scent to heal ourselves directly and to invite in alternate states of consciousness.

One of the reasons botanical perfumes are considered the breath of the gods.

In this way, botanical perfumes are medicinal in altering long-standing states of consciousness, bypassing the mental constructs and stories and communicating directly with the deeper, more stubborn parts of the mind.