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The Difference

While many new natural companies have jumped in recently because it's a "good market", we have been pioneers for this upswelling of naturals, permaculture, and demanding higher quality products that are only beneficial to health and the environment. The seeds of Venus in Violet were planted back in 2005, when Violet began her studies in all things natural, healthy, organic, and real.

This journey had lots of non-linear twists and turns through permaculture, herbalism and natural skin care, Tantra, sensual massage studies and practice, alchemy and magic, and into botanical perfumery.

So here we are now, determined to provide not only highest quality in name of ingredients, but also energetically. That is part of why we have decided to stay artisanal: to retain the most energetically enhanced product. The large-scale manufacturing process denatures in very subtle ways..until or unless that changes, we will stay artisanal because our products are as much matter as spirit and the pure transmission is critical.

The emphasis on scent has evolved out of this nature of our products. Scent communicates directly with the amygdala and the thalamus through the complex olfactory epithelium at the back of the nose. This means it can directly influence the brain chemistry without being filtered through the more conscious, inhibitory parts that other sensory systems use.

One of the reasons botanical perfumes are considered the breath of the gods? In this way, botanical perfumes are medicinal in altering long-standing states of consciousness, bypassing the mental constructs and stories and communicating directly with the deeper, more stubborn parts of the mind.